Understanding the risks to human health is one of the most important challenges in the field of public health. That is why the risk assessment has been rapidly developing in the last 30 years. Risk assessment  is a significant segment of identifying and studying risk to health and environment. It is extremely interdisciplinary work, involving different experts including chemists and biologists, doctors, statisticians, physicists, and sanitary engineers. Primarily, the approach of risk assessment, was developed for the evaluation of risks to human health due to exposure to chemicals. During the development, the use of the risk assessment was successfully extended to the segment of the environmental impact. In addition we can also assessed exposure to a physical or (micro) biological risk factors. If the risk assessment confirms that the risk exists, it is always followed by the next step, management, control and reduction of risk (Poljšak and Jereb, 2012). We devote a special independent content section to this latest professional working area of sanitary engineer.