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Institute of Public and Environmental Health is a research institution of The Slovenian Association of Public and Environmental Health Professionals. It has been registered in the year 2001 as a research Institute at Ministry of higher education, science and technology of the Republic of Slovenia. The Institute’s primary activities are in the field of microbiological and chemical research, food safety, water safety, ecology and environmental protection, education and publishing, design of technologies in food production and ventilation systems, health and safety at work, fire safety, building physics and setting up international standards. Institute is also publishing professional books in native and foreign languages.

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Zdravstvena pot 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Slovenian Association of Public and Environmental Health Professionals is a part of research institution called »Institute of Public and Environmental Health«. It is the scientific association and has a multidisciplinary approach to public and environmental health. It was formed in 3rd July 1993 in Ljubljana as an independent professional organization of the sanitary engineers who perform their occupation on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and European Union. It represents and protects the interests of its members and their reputation and it is the only kind of independent association established in EU to connect all aspects of public and environmental health profession (sanitary engineering) in one institution. It’s primary mission is to take care for the harmonious and continual development of the profession.

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The main goals and principles of executive bodies are:

  1. Ensure integrity of profession
  2. Encouragement of innovations
  3. Continual development
  4. International collaboration
  5. Interdisciplinary creative cooperation
  6. Advance education, practice, and training of public and environmental health professionals
  7. Promotion of public and environmental health doctrine on local and global level